About Kinnari

Kinnari is a Sanskrit word derived from Kimchit- nara which means ‘slightly human’. It is a story of self-discovery.  It is set in a fantasy world closely resembling Ancient India.  Manu and Neel are on a mission under the order of their master, to find  Manu’s origins and destiny. Their journey intertwines with an ancient curse and is filled with discovery and adventure.

About the Author

Meenakshi currently resides in Massachusetts and spends her time reinventing herself when she is not busy pursuing and understand the depth of her ignorance.  So far, she concedes her ignorance in subjects ranging from Molecular biology to Jallikattu (Indian bull wrestling) But she hopes to continue her narcissistic journey, because one never knows what one finds at the end of all ignorance.  She also has a tendency to ask people to pose for her if they are within a certain radius of her sensors.