This scene gave me a lot of trouble.  I was supposed to add an extra page last week but I kept remaking this scene again and again.  Last week I set up the scene for a cherry blossom scene all fresh and springy! but kept going back to my very first drafts with fresh green for new life.  I kept going between these two ideas and made a lot of inspiration sketches for both ideas and could not decide between the two.  In the end I stopped over cooking the idea and let myself cool down for a day or two and realized that the movement of the story was more important. While the cheery blossom would be dramatic and visually striking, I still choose green over pink  to represent new life.  I kept feeling cherry blossoms was more romantically appealing and chic’.  Green seemed more close to rebirth.  What do you guys think?  What color and visuals should rebirth be represented in?