Dohada*-  It means two souls in Sanskrit.  A name also give to the pregnant.  Dohada was fertility ritual that the women in ancient India did.  The first time when I came across this was  in the Sanskrit  play the  Swapanavasavadatta written by Bhasa, that we had to read at school.  It was amusing and enchanting at the same time.  It was a ritual that was conducted in early spring just before every thing started to bloom and grow. It involved women dressing up in their finest, complete with twinkling anklets.  Then they would picnic in their favorite grooves or orchards and spit wine on trees or sometimes kick gently at the tree with the general idea in mind that a tree before it bloomed in the spring was like a pregnant woman with abnormal taste.  And like a pregnant woman,could be persuaded to kick start the spring with the appeasement of its weird taste of wanting virtuous and pretty women spitting wine at it or gently kicking it.

While the ritual does not exist any more, a lot of people have taken to the idea that, kicking any thing that did not work could some how make it work again.  I have very fond memories of my dad performing this ritual every few days to his then Bajaj Scooter!