Dasi Putri*– Daughter of a servant/slave.

Nidhi is a princess born of a Great and famous general Veera Pani and one of his concubines of lowly origins. After her fathers death in battle, she was shamed and forcefully sent to the cursed lands as the Queens companion by her half brother who took over his fathers mantle and became a general under Emperor Andaka.  Her mother committed suicide when she heard of the Generals victorious heavenly descent (though Nidhi suspects a murder).  Suicide was considered a sin in ancient times.  Nidhi a daughter of a sinner suffered and was nearly banished from her kingdom when she was mearly 12 years old.  The Queen of Vidhya Vihara (the kingdom in the  cursed lands) took her under her wings and brought her up as her own daughter.

Yamaloka*- The kingdom of Yama, the God of Death.