Arya*-  A term equivalent to Sir, Usually to a perceived social superiors.

Ajivik*-A person who follows the Ajivik siddhanta, a philosophical system that existing during the time of Buddhism and Jainism (6th BCE to 4th AD), and was said to argue against the Buddhist philosophy.  They were also called fatalists, and Atheists, who were apposed to the existing  rigid Varna system in Hinduism.  They believed that every thing was predestined and was fated to happen and that no free will existed. Inscriptions mention their popularity during the time of Emperor Bhimbisara, a precursor to Emperor Ashoka.  Parts of their philosophy were absorbed by the more  politically popular philosophies that swept across, and their origins were lots in time.  The Barbara Caves  the rock caves temples in Bihar are one of the few places were they have left their mark in history other than references in other philosophies.