Yama Dharma, Yama*-  The god of death.  The earliest reference of Yama is in the Rig Veda.  ‘Dharma’ is used to describe him as the judge over the dead. He is described as riding on a dark bison carrying the noose (pasha) of death.

Vethals are spirits outside of time that reside in grave yards. They usually move by animating corpses and suck vitality out of visitors.  The earliest tales of Vethala are found in the Katha saratha sagara (ocean of stories) by Soma deva. In it, the famous King Virkamaditya promises to capture this spirit for a Magician.  The captured Vetala agrees to accompany him as long as king listens to his stories.  At the end of the stories the Vethala would ask a question about the story, if Vikramaditya answered the question correctly the Vethala would fly away, and if Vikramaditya answers wrong, the king would die.  If King Vikramaditya knew the answer and did not answer then too he would die.  If at any time he opens his mouth to talk, the Vethala would fly away.  The story goes that, King Vikramaditya was so smart that he knew all the answeres and had to make 25 attempts to capture the spirit, until the Vethala asked an unanswerable question. Without the kings answer the Vethala could not fly away, and so he bargains for his freedom by telling the king that the Magician planned to assassinate the King. At the end the Vethala gets its freedom and the King kills the wicked Magician.