Varahamihira was a very famous ancient Mathematician and Astrologer.

Vimana -flying device, The term made famous in the Ramayana where it was the ‘pushpaka vhimana” or the flying chariot that Ravana owned and used to kidnap Sita.  Rama later flew on it with Sita and Lakshmana when they returned to Ayodhya after defeating Ravana.


Varaha:  I created this character inspired by a thief in the play Mrichakatika attributed to be written by King Shudraka at around the 1st century BCE.

In the play, there is a thief called Sarvilaka who wants rob some jewels so that he can free his lover from slavery.  But here in the most ancient of times is a person who cannot do anything without a “how to do” manual.  He spends a humorously large amount of time in the play unable to decide what kind of hole he should create in a wall (based on various Indian Feng shui treatise that were available in those times) so that he could successfully accomplish his goal of robbing the jewels.  That kind of character was just too good to pass.  So, I ran with the idea.