*Vana devi is the forest goddess.

Thandav*  Dance of chaos, performed by the god of death in Hindu mythology.

*Mayavi – Magician, usually black magician.

Emperor Andaka–  Andaka: is the Emperor’s nick name.  The name comes from an old Demon King called Andaka. The story goes….

Andaka in mythology was the son of the God Shiva, the god with a third eye on his forehead.  It was said that one day his consort Goddess Parvathi playfully closed his eyes.  This caused the world to plunge into darkness.  From the heat of Lord Shiva’s closed eyes and the sweat in the hands of goddess, that fell on the ground, a creature called Andaka was born in the darkness.  He was disfigured, grotesque, and blind.  To save the world Lord Shiva opened his third eye on his forehead, and light was once again restored to the world.  Then the two divine beings saw the small disfigured, grotesque child, they embraced him and named him Andaka, the one born in darkness. They later gave him as a boon to King who wished for a child.  He grew up, loved and spoiled by his foster father.  When he came of age he became king.  He desired to be not just the king of the small kingdom but of the world.  He performed  hard penance and gained a boon of a handsome form, his eyesight, and great strength.  He came back became the emperor of the whole world.  He was not satisfied, and waged war on the gods and  and became a terrorizing demonic ruler.  No one could touch him as he was the child of Lord Shiva.  One day he grew very proud and wished to possess the most beautiful woman in the world.  When he found out that the Goddess Parvathi was the most beautiful woman in the world, he went to attack Lord Shiva in order to make his the Goddess his wife.

Emperor Andaka lost his parents at an early age.  He was brought up by his older brother, the then Emperor Aananda Verma like a parent who was nearly 20 years his senior.  Emperor Aananda Verma formed a matrimonial alliance with the Queen of Vidhya Vihara.  But one day the Emperor Aananda Verma disappeared, and was rumored to be killed by the then 9 year old younger brother, who ascended the throne at such a young age. He forcefully reunited his empire with the Kingdom of Vidhya Vihara, once again under the matrimonial alliance with the rumored widow Queen.   Even though the Queen could not leave her kingdom and had not interacted with the brothers and was married only in name, the Queen could still be considered a mother to Emperor Andhaka who had once thought of his brother like a father.  Thus he got the title of Andaka- the demon King who lusted after his own mother.